Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Fave Poem

My favourite Poem

How lovely to see a lemon drop moon,
adoring a blueberry sky in June.

Mountains of chocolate all dusted in white,
pure sugar icing, thus making them bright.

Liquorice logs are the bark of the trees,
angelica leaves sway in the breeze.

Peppermint pebbles, a marshmallow shore,
sherbet fountains and love hearts galore.

A cream soda lake and cranberry falls,
little fudge houses with nut toffee walls.

Lollipop lampposts in soft treacle soil,
sprinkled crushed peanuts, a sidewalk with style.

Imagine the fun to visit this land,
Confectionary Island - well - it sounds grand.

Betty Hattersley


Isabel said...

Salut j'aime bien ton blog
Je suis de france , de Marseille exactement.A la prochaine

CoralPoetry said...


Merci pour visiter mon blog. Je suis content que vous l'avez aimé.

Votre disque de musique » Clé pour Aimer » est très harmonieux, magnifique. J'écrirai une revue d'ici la fin d'aujourd'hui ou demain.