Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Song

The starling intrigues you

who enlivens this morning.

You bring your strong elixir

because you cherish

the resolute strains
of her resonant arietta.

This august breeze
shall sway the branches

where there’ll be comfort
coupled with aching

where love will smoothen
the windswept pathways

where passions will melt
and unite with more verve

than the flush from a flurry
of supernovae above.


Trying to forget somone you have loved
is as fraught as trying to remember
someone you have met only in your dreams

~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~


Pawlie Kokonuts said...

fine work. . . and fine name for your blog

Zandra said...

Coral, you are so wonderfully talented~
Please keep up the inspiring work!


CoralPoetry said...

Pawlie Kokonuts

Thank you for visiting my blog. Likewise, your name has a special ring to it, so I shall be visiting your blog as often as I can. It is a tonic after a sleepless night of tossing and turning. I hope it gives you as much pleasure as it gives the reader.

Kind regards,

CoralPoetry said...


Thank you for your kind words of encouragement both here and at Daniel McVicar’s wonderful vlogsite. I’m not sure if sleep deprivation will improve my muse or wreck it. I hope the former, but sometimes the latter is fun to behold.

With warm regards,

muse said...

Wow. Because I am the Editor from Hell, I can't help myself from saying that the poem before your name, beautiful as it was, seemed just a tad wordy. Still, that's more of a style thing, I think, and doesn't detract from the message of the poem as much as it tends to with inexperienced poets. I got chills. Very good.

The little one-sentence blurb after your name, however... did you write that? It was incredible. A tiny resonant note that struck such a chord with my heart that I shivered. Beauty. Keep it up, dear.


CoralPoetry said...

Hi, Muse,

I was expecting an edificatory editor from somewhere. Yes, poetically speaking, these lyrics are wordy. They keep morphing because I am currently working on the music score. Not making much progress tho. But I am determined to keep humming, as one does.

Thank you for your comments. Much appreciated.


Ancient Clown said...

Trying to forget someone, who years from now you'll have to try to remember. Such is life and love to teach us to be aware of the NOW, as your poem does for me my heart reminds me to remember loves past, this present, to my future love.
It was ALL a pathway to there.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

CoralPoetry said...

Hi, Ancient,

It is good to hear from you. Thank you for your perceptive comment. You are full of wisdom and compassion for your fellow man.

Listen to the pulses
of loves past and future
through poly-bifurcating
lanes that merge into the present.