Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Anecdote of a Bottle Garden

Anecdote of a Bottle Garden

I line a thirteen-gallon jar with sand
and gravel, tamping down a loamy base
for foliage, a place for ants to forage.

I build a nymphaeum with integrated
alcoves for Diana and her deer,
a stone clad Virbius and Egeria.

Outside the monument, I lay quartz slabs
of serpentine, violet granite and slate;
then I plant ferns and grasses in between.

Water trickles down from terracotta tiles,
painting marble walls with mossy woodland
angels, filling the lake where lizards laze.



Zilko said...

Hi Coral, how r ya??

I dun see anything wrong with your blog, probably just need a bit more arrangement on some features. Do you have the copy of your older code?? If so, that will help a lot.

You dun need to manage the HTML code anymore. Just open the "template" page and on the sidebar part just click "add page element" (or something like that, that's supposed to be on the top of the sidebar part), click "add third party", then paste your code there, it will work properly... :)

Actually working with BETA is a lot more fun than the basic version of blogger... :) At least for me

CoralPoetry said...


Thank you for your concern. I am OK for the time being. Your comments are ALWAYS welcome and comforting to me.


Long time no speak for various reasons. Thank you for coming to check out my blog. I have yet to discover any good points about the new Beta blogger. I shall be experimenting with it shortly.


Linda Faye said...
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Darkwing said...

I love this poem Coral. Thank you for sharing your site with me. I've had fun reading it and thank you for your support in Hubs. Brightest Blessings.