Monday, January 01, 2007

January Skies

Happy New Year 2007


Steve said...

Hey, cp. Thanks for your note on my blog. That's a beautiful sky: a pity the roof doesn't look more attractive :)

I suppose since it was a snap you just wanted something to show it was a sky. Don't worry about the off-topic post, we already know each other.

I was surprised that I had to start rejecting comments after ... for Some Value of Magic was a Blog of Note. Seems like people would just add a "nice post" comment to see if they could get a link from (what they thought would be) a popular blog.

Nobody's ever bothered before ...

CoralPoetry said...


Thanks for your reply. Why is it called the World Wide Web when very few people are responding to posts? Furthermore, I suspect that this is the same anonymous person responding to every blog thusly: “Gee. Nice blog!” I would not say that if somebody paid me.

I have a theory about this. Zillions of bloggers are writing and posting they don’t have time to write in response to other blogs. I suppose we should feel content that the blog is actually being read. I attempted some research about this. Some people have blogs and they create their own pseudonymous responders in various guises. Most blogs are being read, especially those registered with various blog-linking devices, such as Bloggernity, Topblogsites, Bloggoriffic; going via that route is less annoying than carpet-bombing every Blog of Note that pops up.


UNC-Professor said...

You have a riveting web log and undoubtedly must have atypical & quiescent potential for your intended readership. May I suggest that you do everything in your power to honor your encyclopedic/omniscient Designer/Architect as well as your revering audience. As soon as we acknowledge this Supreme Designer/Architect, Who has erected the beauteous fabric of the universe, our minds must necessarily be ravished with wonder at His infinite goodness, wisdom and power. Please remember to never restrict anyone's opportunities for ascertaining uninterrupted existence for their quintessence.

Professor Howdy said...

Hey C.P.,

Happy New Year,

Dr. Howdy

CoralPoetry said...


Thank you for calling at my blog. Yes, “Beyond” music is beautiful, haunting and memorable.


Sorry I cannot publish all your comments at my blog. My comments section is limited to single lines of critique (perhaps extending to 3 lines at most). Your response was very interesting and I read it all the way thru, despite having read most of it at another blog. I liked the first two paragraphs, so I have published only those.

Professor Howdy

Happy New Year.

Oh golly – I think I need to say “Blog of Note” a bit more often. It has prompted a post-a-thon at my blog. I’ll say it again – Blog of Note – Blog of Note.


janzjottings said...

Did you move countries between 'December Leaves' and 'January Skies'? The contrast is incredible.
A beautiful image for 'Leaves' and a lovely poem. Thanks

waywithwords said...

Who would believe that the blue sky would be in January. Not a cloud in sight to marr a winter time. I loved it and chimney and all.xxxAnne

CoralPoetry said...


Happy New Year.


Thank you for calling at my blog. This is a lst January sky – same location as the December photo. We’d had so much rain a few days prior and the sky became beautifully unpolluted, clear and blue.

WWW – Anne

Thank you for re-visiting my blog. The low midday sun was behind me and there were a few clouds to the south, but the entire northern aspect was so very blue. I thought I’d include the roof; otherwise it would have been just a sheet of blue.