Friday, March 16, 2007

Sally Clark, RIP

Sally Clark 1965-2007


chumly said...

I'll remember a prayer for her.

Bill said...

A poignant tribute for a life cut short by a failure in the justice system; sometimes the fact that the injustice has been recognised and corrected can never undo the damage done.

Bill said...

I just read the blog post in the link you left in your comment in my blog. The views expressed are appalling! I have left a comment there expressing my views firmly, but politely. Thank you for drawing it to my attention.

Sally said...

Thank you for this tribute, and thank you for drawing my attention to that awful post...
pryaers are with her and her family

John East said...

Thanks for the information on my blog.

I just posted a response on the site to which you linked. It will be interesting to see if Terry Hamblin apologises for his offensive obituary.

Willow said...

Sally Clark suffered so greatly because of the abuse of power by a medical expert. And now her poor family are suffering extra sorrow.

Medical 'experts' who assert their arrogant, prejudiced views with no scientific evidence to back them do terrible harm. Unfortunately there are far too many people who lack the courage to dare to believe them to be other than saints...)o: - Their biased opinions should not be called evidence at all. Very often their 'diagnoses' are mere guesswork.

Think back to what doctors used to advise about how babies should be placed in their cots. - They used to advise mothers to lay their babies on their stomachs. - There was no EVIDENCE for the correctness of this advice. It was later shown that it is safer for babies to be laid onto their backs and not their stomachs. - Were there any apologies from the medical profession? - Of course not! - I believe it was Anne Diamond that fought for the truth to be told about how best to lay a baby down.

Similarly, it was Esther Ransom that fought to have the terrible consequences of the medical profession's reckless overprescribing of tranquillisers, which even decades later are still wreaking havoc on many, many lives.

I am myself struggling to draw attention to the horrific harm that prescribed steroids, HRT and many other drugs do when prescribed by doctors unfamiliar with the side-effects and negligent about monitoring innocent patients who take these dangerous drugs because the doctor has prescribed them. My website is

I wrote to the Power Inquiry about the abuse of power by the medical profession, but they did not pursue the matter at all...)o:

Bill said...

Hello again,

I just saw your comment in my blog where you have advised me of the deletion by Prof Hamblin of his original post and its repalcement by another post using a slightly different URL; I have taken the liberty of amending your earlier comment on my blog to reflect the change, by adding a comment at the end of your comment, not altering it in any way (I at least, unlike Prof Hamblin, do not indulge in such practices).

I've also left a supplementary comment in Prof Hamblin's blog where I 'call' him on his unacknowledged and significant re-writing of his original post which, whilst it still remains offensive and would have been better never to have been written, still removes some of the more flagrantly preposterous statements he made earlier.

John East said...

I think that Prof Hamblin is almost certainly regretting his initial post, and I give him credit for taking all of the flack, and answering all of the comments. Whilst I still think that his second version, which begins with, “Sally Clark, …… later released following a campaign to discredit the medical witness against her….” is unacceptable, I don’t think that there is much more that can be done.

What is most important is that he has been forced to think again, and has not displayed anything like the degree of arrogant pigheadedness characteristic of a Roy Meadow. Should Prof Hamblin ever be called as an expert witness in a similar case I’m sure that he would not repeat the errors that lead to Sally’s tragic death, so I think we should be grateful for this and I will now let the matter drop.