Saturday, March 10, 2007

Silver Moon

Silver Moon

The moon’s first kiss
was a tentative nudge
as she circled the earth.
Curious moon, she wept.

A sonorous serenade
from ripening midnight skies
swamps the latent earth.
Sleepy moon, she sighs.

Moon quivers, inhales the void
in a breath of wonderment
as vibrant new life emerges.
Harvest moon, she reaps.

Eons pass through many
trials and tribulations
the reeling rocks have wrought.
Wise moon, she weeps.

Tears enshroud the moon,
helpless onlooker in the face
of drought and devastation.
Spartan moon, she shivers.

The moon inhales a cocktail
of noxious clouds of progress
from test tubes and engines of man.
Hapless moon, she sobs.

Outraged moon looks on
as man wages war, killing
life in the ocean and forest.
Anxious moon, she weeps.

Inadequate moon, pondering
what outcome awaits the earth.
She can hardly bear to look.
Cheerless moon, she weeps.


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CoralPoetry said...

This was my first attempt at creating a lyrics box to house an old poem and it turned out better than I had expected. I shall change all the colours around next time. It is well worth the extra effort it creates for the blogger, as one can write lengthy poems or lyrics and it is up to the reader to scroll the box. It seems to save space on a webpage where space is at a premium and whose readers seem to be unwilling to venture into the archives to read whatever else may be on offer in relation to creative writing.

Deborah Gamble said...

Such a beautiful sad poem. I'm so glad you posted it - even if was to mainly test the lyrics box.