Sunday, April 22, 2007

WCW Poem Generator


This is just to say
I stamped upon the mussels
that were in the paddle pool

which you were probably
saving for breakfast.

Forgive me,
they were propagating
so I filmed them
and they probably died happy.


La Cuoca said...

Very interesting blog. Kiss kiss

Cal Rossi said...

Nice. If I did not completely fail as a photographer I suppose I would do that too. I can't seem to write poems either. It's one of those weeks.

Nice WCW rendition.


Crankster said...

WCW makes my colon hurt. This, on the other hand, made my sides hurt. A definite improvement!

-K- said...

This is just to say
I have stolen
the poems
that were in
the poetry generator

and which
you were probably saving
for another blog.

Forgive me
they were just lying there,
so easy
and so poorly written.

knitphomaniac said...

quite the deep poem... :)