Wednesday, May 30, 2007

SALLY CLARK DIED of Natural Causes

This is a duplicate post outlining the claims made by the blogger Professor Hamblin that Sally Clark was guilty of killing her children so she committed suicide. The blogger purporting to be Professor Terry Hamblin has been spamming my blog. The imposter is an Internet Marketer.

Sally Clark, the mother who was imprisoned for 3 years for killing her two infant sons, but later released following a campaign to discredit the medical witness against her, has died under suspicious circumstances. News outlets are hinting at suicide and that she was known to have had an alcohol problem and to have been a depressive. So far response in the correspondence columns of the major newspapers has been that the ordeal of unjust imprisonment had driven her to it.I wonder. Perhaps she was possessed by guilt that she really had killed her kids and remorse that she had brought down two eminent professors of paediatrics in getting the decision reversed.I have not followed the case closely, but it seems to me that anyone who attacks motherhood is on a hiding to nothing, even if the mother is a lawyer. There has been a prolonged and vituperative attack on the concept of Munchausen-by-proxy, and the doctor who videoed a mother harming her child in hospital was attacked for an intrusion into privacy.It may be that Sally Clark was entirely innocent. I suspect we will never know the truth. However, being declared innocent by a court doesn't make you innocent any more than being declared guilty by a court makes you guilty. I rather suspect that more people are falsely declared innocent than are falsely declared guilty.

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The identity of the blogger Terry Hamblin does not match up with the identity of Professor Terry Hamblin of Southampton University. Furthermore, Professor Hamblin’s name has been used to support an unscientific, creationist document called “Truth in Science” which has been condemned by the UK Education Department. TiS has circulated thousands of DVDs and resource packs to every high school in the UK without consulting the UK Government Department. The Discovery Institute in the USA produced the creationist materials and Professor Terry Hamblin's name (amongst other retired UK scientists) has been used as a prop to raise substantial funds, purportedly for CLL, but these funds have been deployed specifically for the forwarding of creationist materials.

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