Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Generating Hype Waves and Computer Statistics

We are drowning in information
but starved of knowledge
J. Naisbitt

Information Fusion is about fusing information from different sources in order to facilitate our understanding of a complex system, thereby providing insights that could not be gained from any of the individual data sources in isolation.

It would appear that the baying crowd needs a showdown between two major players and the players respond provocatively with ever increasing fervour, which is matched by an increasing traffic spike, but only whilst the players are feeding the frenzied onlookers. Observers click in regularly to check on progress, thereby adding to the overall numbers. If one player looks to be the overall winner and the other backs off, the traffic statistics reflect this development and drop back to their original low levels.

The resultant stats do not represent a logical section of society. They do not fire up neurons and make mental connections like the human brain does, because a crowd is a random section of the population that is made up of different people with different expectations, values and upbringing. The statistics mirroring the crowd cannot react logically. The stats cannot make choices between good and evil, worthy or unworthy. All stats are equal in contributing noise to the general hubbub. They act as on/off switches and leave their mark without giving any indication as to the part they are likely to play in the showdown.

Graph 1 (The winning team)

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Graph 2 (The losing team)
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