Thursday, July 05, 2007



£2 billion has been spent on the training of up to 8,000 doctors who find themselves without a new job under a Government initiative.

It costs £250,000 to train a doctor and the "shambles" is said to be blighting the careers of dedicated young men and women who may now leave the NHS. Many are also saddled with debts of more than £40,000 after funding their training.


Terror Checks Pledge on NHS staff

An immediate review of NHS recruitment will be carried out following the attempted bomb attacks in London and Glasgow, Gordon Brown says.



Comments: Joe Grant, General Secretary, Scottish Police Federation Says: July 3rd, 2007 at 7:32 pm

I want to publicly acknowledge the heroic effort that John (Smeaton) and members of the public put in together with police officers to bring these frightening scenes to a quick and safe conclusion.In recognising the bravery of everyone involved it needs special mention and due recognition to John and the other (so far) unnamed people who came to the aid of the police and by doing so resisted the most basic human reaction of running from danger.
To John Smeaton, those other members of the public and to the police officers involved, we thank you on behalf of all 16,000 police officers in this country and I have no doubt that the people of Scotland join me in wanting to shake your hands."


Tourists escaped death and injury at Glasgow airport because of a simple £5 safety valve.

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