Friday, July 06, 2007

Two UK terror bombers enquired into US jobs


Two suspects in the failed car bombings in Britain made inquiries about working in the United States, the FBI said Friday. Mohammed Asha and another suspect had contacted the Philadelphia-based Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, as first reported in The Philadelphia Inquirer. Asha, a Jordanian physician of Palestinian heritage, contacted the agency within the last year, but apparently did not take the test for foreign medical school graduates.

I wonder which US questions were so off-putting to a terrorist
that were not contained in NHS vetting.

1) Are you a total moron? Yes
2) Can you pull the wool over Pat Hewitt’s eyes? Yes.
3) Go to the UK, no questions, and no barriers.

This has happened during the NHS "Best Year Ever"

Eight Terror suspects linked to NHS

Overseas doctors as a group are not a terrorist threat. Most make a wonderful contribution to our society. It is a quirk of immigration patterns and Western skill shortages that they have formed the bulk of the latest terrorism detainees. But the event illustrates the kind of groups that may be vulnerable to the lure of terrorism. In this case, sadly, those who were dedicated to preserving human life were transformed into the exact opposite.

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