Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Dream about X

A Dream about X


X marks the spot. Access it
without flying over the zeros.
Find the value of X. Extrapolate
a meaning which is neither finite
nor absolute. X is a missile
nesting amid the milk caps.
It is a reaper in a cornfield
of landmines and mantraps.
X is a bus plugging and chugging
in traffic, its destination the cottage
where I was born, whose resident
mimics a double high five.
X equals 10 as it gives birth
to the googol and the googolplex.



Tofu - sama said...

Dear Coral:
I am so happy about your comments.
Let`s hope that Cyprofloxacine works fine. Six more weeks? Oh dear.
Regardless, I still sending messages daily, to help you to forget your pain. Of course, if you want to stop me giving you messages, I`ll understand.
It`s a quite nice poem.

Anonymous said...

"whose resident / gesticulates a double high-five."

Good poem, except the above is a breach of tone, or diction. Why? The abstract "resident" and "gesticulates" don't seem to belong. I want something simpler.

Do you always dream math?

CoralPoetry said...

Tofu – Your comments are very welcome. I’ve made some progress, I think, because of the Cipro; a gradual improvement over the next six weeks can be expected. Thank God.

CE – Thank you for your comments. I dream of many things, mostly romantic, sometimes scary demonic, but math is a first.

I agree with you that

"whose resident / gesticulates a double high-five."

is out of synch. In the dream she was waving to me, shouting “remember the number 10” and she was motioning madly. Maybe I should change gesticulates to “motions”. But that sound a bit bowel-like.

Thank you for your help.

With warm regards,

FreeCyprus said...

Very nice poem!
Keep up the good work!

CoralPoetry said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your encouragement to keep going. This poem was the result of a dream and the grid at the top of the poem came to mean something a few days later.