Friday, February 16, 2007

Mathematical Reasoning

Mathematical Reasoning

I should have paid more attention.
I didn’t know there were so many
degrees of pain, angled projections
embedded in non-Euclidean space
that spiral into infinity, unleashing
rippled petals from wrinkled bows,
reassembling the balance of power
into heart shaped constellations,
fossilized in time, silent in space,
setting mosaics of bones and sinews,
casting canopies of cottons and cradles,
all anchored to the earth by cruelty.



Arunava said...

nice blog indeed!!
hello coral ....
first of all thanks a lot for coming to my blog :)
as you might have seen its long been unupdated....

i liked the whole feel of your blog and would love to read more....



East of Oregon said...

interesting blog :) I mentioned you on my blog today.. take care.

Steve E of Benderloch said...

Hi Coral,
Many thanks for email and kind comments. Your art suggestions are very useful - I'm only a learner and welcome criticism!

I'm still following your blog with interest. Keep up the good work - I just wish I had your energy!

Steve. (StevesArt blog)

Steve E of Benderloch said...

(I hope this is the right place to post this)
Hi Coral,
I've viewed (and copied) your version of the Taynuilt pic. Thanks for doing that - it does give a completely different view. I find all this quite fascinating! What was interesting about that particular evening at Taynuilt was just how still the water was. It was the "purity" of the reflections which attracted me, but thinking about it now I guess I was using my photographer's eye and not my artist eye. You don't often see the loch so still - its a sea loch, and the tide was coming in.
I shall certainly bear these thoughts in mind in the future.

Thanks, Steve.

Tofu - sama said...
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david santos said...

Very good, thank you

Anonymous said...

you have an unusual and fascinating angle of vision and a unique way of describing it.

I'm glad you linked me.